Upload iWeb website to GoDaddy FTP hosting server

Upload iWeb website to GoDaddy FTP hosting server

I purchased a site (huaichuanrui.co.uk) and net hosting from GoDaddy. I created a web site in iWeb '09 (version 3) and clicked on the positioning name within the paw sidebar. I stuffed all told the FTP server info - within the server address box, I've tried ftp.huaichuanrui.co.uk, huaichuanrui.co.uk, http://huaichuanrui.co.uk, the scientific discipline address, ftp://huaichuanrui.co.uk, everything. I've typewritten the username and parole for my hosting account properly. I left the Directory/Path field empty like the majority advocate, however I've additionally tried it with the folder location on my raincoat (/Huaichuan_Rui), /Huaichuan_Rui/, all sorts. I left Protocol as FTP and Port as twenty one. Still, no luck. Testing keeps failing.

I've additionally tried uploading the positioning folder to the GoDaddy hosting electrical device factor wherever it says "Upload Files". It all uploaded, however still nothing. The homepage preview is shown as "pageok". currently once I visit my web site, it says "Coming shortly - Future home of one thing quite cool".

No luck the least bit in business my iWeb web site to GoDaddy's FTP hosting server.

Anyone have any concepts a way to resolve this issue? many thanks.

iWeb '09, raincoat OS X (10.6.8)


Contact GoDaddy support and raise them. that's what they're there for and that they ought to be ready to resolve the problem for you.

If iWeb internal ftp will not work for you, then attempt commercial enterprise your web site to a neighborhood folder on your desktop from iWeb and so transfer a duplicate of Cyberduck and use this to transfer your files to the server.

In the meanwhile, contact GoDaddy Support.